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J..J. Cunningham Gallery specializes in Vintage and Mid-Century Moderne paintings, ca 1890-1950

Vintage refers to early 20th Century, and late 19th Century. Style is Post-Impressionist, i.e. the treatment of light, color, and shape as perfected by the Impressionists; sometimes known as the "French Palette."

Mid- Century, Moderne refers the style of reducing a form or shape down to its basic elements, no excessive detail. Style ranged from the mid 1940s to the mid 1960s. In America, it's usually called "Mid-Century."  More often, "Scandinavian Modern."

We acquire our pieces from old-line auction houses in Scandinavia, primarily Denmark. We search for motifs that depict sweetness, beauty, and love in daily life, momentary glimpses into the "eternal." Whatever the style or motif, as the American painter, Robert Henri said, "That which is worthwhile in painting is the expression of human emotion in it."

Vast majority are "listed" artists. Pieces come with complete biographies that list their training and education, exhibitions, awards, studies abroad, museum collections and other fascinating information.

The art is cleaned and restored (if necessary) upon arrival. Frames are likewise restored or replaced. The result are paintings as fresh and bright as the day they were painted.


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Mid- Century, Moderne



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