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Northern Light Art offers Vintage and Moderne (Mid-Century) paintings from Scandinavia.

Vintage refers to both a period and a style. Period is between 1890-1920. Style is Post-Impressionist, i.e. the treatment of light, color, and shape as perfected by the Impressionists; sometimes known as the "French Palette."

Moderne refers the style of reducing a form or shape down to its basic elements, no excessive detail. Often called "Mid-Century," this style actually ranged from the mid 1940s to the mid 1960s.

Virtually all of our paintings come from Scandinavia, primarily Denmark. Everyone has heard of "Scandinavian Modern" but few realize their Royal Academy goes back to the 1600s, or that Danes were among the first to study with the Impressionists in the 1880s and 1890s. Thus, why many of their paintings have the "French Palette."

We search for motifs that depict sweetness, beauty, and love in daily life, momentary glimpses into the "eternal." Whatever the style or motif, as the American painter, Robert Henri said, "That which is worthwhile in painting is the expression of human emotion in it."










Interior Design by Ms. Cindy Galvin, Maze Home, Winnetka, Ill.


Interior Design by Ms. Cindy Galvin, Maze Home, Winnetka, Ill.


Interior Design by Ms. Cindy Galvin, Maze Home, Winnetka, Ill.



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